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What a damn good lawyer I mean this guy's personality is the coolest and best bar none. He listened to me answer all my calls called me whenever he had new updates on my case. I thank God I was referred to Edward. He is truly the guy I want for your case. Highly recommend him.


I was facing a 1st degree felony assault charge and attorney Edward put together a jury packet and beat the charge outright! I couldn’t thank him enough for how efficient, effective and professional he was because he made me feel confident the whole time we could beat it and we did and it basically saved my life. He help my cousin win his case as well. So if you need an attorney I would highly recommend him to get the job done!


Words cannot describe my appreciation for what attorney Edward did for me. He dismissed my dwi case. I mean this guy is the real deal. I’m so grateful to you Edward. I hope you see this and I promise I will refer all my folks to you. You’re the best lawyer in Texas hands down.


I was charged with aggravated sexual assault basically charged with raping some lady at gun after the club let out at about 3am. Lady claimed I met her at a gas station after she left the club and she claimed I invited her to come with me to some park. I’d never met this lady before. The first time I spoke with attorney Edward he put me at ease, he assured me that he would get my life back together and also assured me that state didn’t have enough evidence to prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This case lasted about 5 months, these lawyers never backed off and accepted any deals, they fought tooth and nail until the prosecutors eventually dismissed my case.

I just wanna say thank you so much to attorneys at the Edward law firm. You are the best Lawyers and you truly saved my life. Thanks guys.




If courtroom appearances prove necessary, your attorney should fight passionately on your behalf. Assertive courtroom representation can make all the difference in complicated immigration cases, particularly if the client is at risk of deportation.

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