Texas Immigration Attorney

Many clients at Edwards, Medina and Associates desire to create a better life in Houston, Texas. Immigration status can play a huge role in their ability to do so. From a desire for naturalization to the desperation to avoid deportation, a variety of pressing concerns convince clients to seek legal advice. When they arrive at Edwards, Medina and Associates, they are treated with the warmth and respect they deserve.

Common Immigration Concerns

Clients approach Edwards, Medina and Associates in hopes of receiving feedback on a variety of complex immigration issues. Many desire assistance with renewing their visas, while others have already suffered expired visas. Assistance with naturalization is a common request among those who desire citizenship, but find the process of becoming a naturalized citizen daunting. Other clients have been accused of committing crimes and worry that they will be deported as a result. Edwards, Medina and Associates handles both criminal and immigration matters and is therefore equipped to handle cases involving the overlap of these two practice areas.

How a Houston Immigration Attorney Can Help

Whether you’re worried about deportation or ready to become a naturalized citizen, a skilled Houston immigration attorney can help you achieve the best life possible in the United States. Your attorney will communicate clearly and openly with you, letting you know exactly what to expect from the immigration system. The ability to communicate with clients in their native language can also prove helpful; Edward Okwueze can converse in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Immigration Law at Edwards, Medina and Associates

If courtroom appearances prove necessary, your attorney should fight passionately on your behalf. Assertive courtroom representation can make all the difference in complicated immigration cases, particularly if the client is at risk of deportation.

The right Houston immigration attorney can help you build a better life for yourself and your family. Look to Edwards, Medina and Associates for assistance with all of your immigration-based legal needs.

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